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If you’re reading this page, you, unfortunately, may have lost a loved one…and I definitely feel for you.

Losing a father, mother, sister, brother, (God forbid) a child, a close friend is one of the hardest things life will throw at you.

There’s the flood of memories, the good times, bad times, the secrets, the laughs…all of that now feels like it’s been ripped away from you.

Then…to make things worst…you have to now go through the difficult process of sorting, dividing/selling your loved one’s assets.

The biggest being the inherited house.

***First, I am not a probate attorney or any attorney for that matter. However, I can share with you some easy steps to get you through this tough time especially if you live in Woodstock, Canton, Holly Springs, Acworth, Cartersville, Marietta, Kennesaw, Roswell and surrounding areas in Cherokee, Cobb, Bartow, Paulding or Fulton County.

#1. You must decide what to do with the inherited house (and who has the rights to it)

If your loved one left a will, typically that process is smoother as an attorney will execute the will and divide the assets as such.

If your loved one did not leave a will, the estate will likely need to go through the probate process.

Probate is just the fancy word for a ‘post death’ will. Here, an attorney (or judge) will assign a loved one as the administrator or executor of the estate. This person is the quarterback and coach who leads the family/friends. They deal with all the heirs and resolves the conflicts.

We’ll be just talking about what happens if you inherit a house from your parents. Everything else (such as possessions) will be worked out with the executor and attorney.

With an inherited house in North Atlanta, you have two choices on what you can do:

  1. Clean out the house, update it and list it with a realtor
  2. Leave the property untouched and sell it offmarket for cash to someone like Rocking Porch Homes

#2. Selling an inherited house through a realtor

This process will garner the most cash out of the home for the heirs. That’s a fact.

First, the house will be appraised.

Second, likely the probate attorney (especially for out-of-state heirs) will recommend a realtor to list the probate property.

Third, the house will need to be cleaned out, assets divided/sold, house fixed up and listed.

As you can imagine, if there is only one heir, this process can go pretty swiftly especially if the inherited house is in great condition.

The one heir can decide what possessions to keep, trash or sell.

Plus, if the heir(s) is not in a rush to receive payment, this entire selling process can take months…even years. But you would get the most money for it.

When house is sold, debt is still paid back to lenders if mortgages are due, plus any liens paid off before the heirs receive their cut.

For a house to list and sell, all heirs who have a right to the house must sign off on selling the house and for the price. Any negotiations with buyers must also be run through all the heirs.

As you can also imagine, if heirs are not in the same area, this can get quite tricky.

Yet, again, this will yield the most money. However, it will take the most time and effort on behalf of all heirs.

#3. Selling an inherited property for cash without a realtor

Sometimes it’s better for everyone to go the easier and faster route. Especially during a tumultuous time such as a loved ones death.

Selling a house in probate for cash can cut months even years down the file is in court.

All that needs to be done is the executor petitions the court to sell the house to a selected buyer. Rocking Porch Homes (the page you’re on) would be an example of someone who could buy it from you.


  • No cleaning out the house (if you don’t want): One of the hardest parts of probate is sorting through the memories, the possessions left behind. For some, it can stop the probate process in its track it is too painful. Other times, the house is full of garbage that could take awhile to clean out. Hence, more delays in getting to the finish line. Selling for cash, you can leave everything in the house if you wish. No cleanout necessary.
  • Get cash to heirs faster: The longer probate remains open, the more problems that can arise. (disagreements, people changing their minds, feuds, one of the heirs then dying)…the process gets more complicated as time goes on. Selling house fast for cash cuts down the timeline sometimes as much as years. Everyone gets paid, everyone can move on. For most heirs, they’d rather have more money now than wait months (or years) to receive cash later.
  • No repairs required: Want to argue with your sibling about what color to paint the living room in the inherited house? Or which countertop stone looks best? All of these things must be agreed on step-by-step when selling on market. Selling a probate property for cash removes all this red tap.
  • Easy button: All that needs to be done is sign over the house and cash is disbursed. No stresses, arguments, or headaches.


  • Less money to heirs: Selling with a realtor always nets the most money. It also requires the most effort. I can answer what efforts you’re willing to go through to receive the most money. Maybe you’re fine waiting and putting in the work. Then selling for cash isn’t for you.

Knowing when and how to sell your inherited property is not an easy decision.

You’re going through a tough time. Emotions are high.

My goal is to help you through this process and remove as many problems as possible.

If you decide to sell your inherited probate house in North Atlana, you have several options. You can list your home with a real estate agent. However, some situations make waiting for the right buyer impractical. If you want to sell your house fast in Georgia, you may want to investigate selling your home to an investor like Rocking Porch Homes.

We are a local family business who buys houses in Woodstock, GA “as-is,” with a fair offer, and in as little as ten days.

Do you want to know if it might be the right choice for you? Contact us today to discuss your options without any pressure to sell your home.

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