For Homeowners & Listing Agents

Staging Your Home Sells Your Home 77% Faster AND Up to 5% More Than Non-Staged Homes

Whether you are hoping to sell your home quickly and for top dollar…

Or, you’re a listing agent (or broker) looking for someone to help you beautify your listings, pay attention to this message below.

According to realtors and, staging your home can sell your home 77% faster and up to 5% more than non-staged homes.

“Staging is expensive”
“Staging takes too much time”
“Staging didn’t work for my home”

These are all common objections I hear about staging.

Let’s break each of these down.

#1: Staging is expensive

Staging doesn’t need to be expensive at all. You can use much of what you have around your house.

As someone who has staged homes and sold them for top dollar, most of the time, I can use what you have around the house to stage.

Maybe we bring in a few extra pieces to define certain spaces or make them *pop*, but if we’re on a tight budget, we can make it look great.

#2: Staging takes too much time

Staging only takes about one day to complete. The only caveat to that is if there is a lot of clutter that needs to be stored.

We have a lot of stuff in our house…we have three young kids…but renting a truck and moving pieces to a storage unit temporarily could result in faster closing and starting a new chapter in your life.

If you don’t want to store your things, a garage is a perfectly fine location to put belongings. Most buyers going through a house will balk at cluttered living rooms and kitchens…but they understand when a garage is full of belongings. Just as long as the garage is still organized.

Keep the living spaces clear and open. If you already do that, staging could take just a few hours!

#3: Staging didn’t work for my home

Staging no doubt results in a faster close and more money in your pocket. Of course, it’s not a “perfect formula.” Every staged house doesn’t sell immediately. (that’s why the stat is 77% not 100% 😀 )

But, say you did stage your home before and it sat…there could be some reasons.

…did your stager put big furniture in small rooms (a killer in living rooms)…

…did your stager over decorate the wall and make the rooms feel cluttered…

…did your stager decorate the home with one specific buyer in mind (i.e. only families, only bachelors)

…did your stager highlight your low ceilings and make the rooms feel cramped…

…or a simple reason…were the pictures high-quality from a professional or done on an iPhone…

Those are just a few of the dozen possible reasons buyers didn’t want to buy your home before.

It’s not your fault if any of these mistakes were made. I would bet 95% of homeowners don’t know about them.

Like, did you know…when a photo is taken of a room, you want to take the picture from your stomach and not your eye?

It makes the room feel more open and inviting rather than cramped.

These are the little things home seller…even realtors, honestly…don’t know about.

But, before you go and buy a bunch of books on staging, especially if you don’t enjoy it…send me a message and let’s chat over some options.

Here are a few examples of ways I staged rooms before that could give you an idea of how that would appeal to buyers:

For Listing Agents & Brokers:

Hey, if you’re a listing agent and/or broker,  you know every listing does two things:

  • Puts your name and reputation on the line
  • Puts your income for the month on the line

Homeowners are looking at your listings when browsing for a realtor, and they want to see your listings as professional. Professional and looking great showing off their home in the best light.

I know many agents stage themselves to save money. If you can do it yourself and you’ve seen success, I’d say continue on that path.

However, most realtors I know are not skilled at staging. They are great at CMAs, negotiating, selling the house at open houses…but staging requires a certain touch.

Well, you don’t need to spend a bunch of your commission on staging if you don’t need to.

But, like I mentioned, staging can sell your home 77% faster. That means you’re cashing your check faster, you’re on to the next listing faster.

Nothing is worse than listing a house for 60 days,  your listing expires and the seller finds another realtor. You’re left making $0 and a shot to the gut.

Spending a little on presenting your listing the best way possible could increase referrals and increase the speed you pocket your commission.


Staging doesn’t need to be expensive. Sure, there are $5,000 – $20,000 stagers out there. But really, you only should hit that price point if you’re in the luxury housing price point. Those homes have a smaller buyer pool due to the price range.

I stage homes with a GUARANTEE your home will sell or I work for free.

I tend to stage based on square foot. (Basements are added in to square feet).

0 – 1,000 square feet = $997 + 20% of any items purchased for staging

1,001 – 2,500 square feet = $1,497 + 20% of any items purchased for staging

2,501 – 4,000 square feet = $1,997 + 20% of any items purchased for staging

4,001 square feet and up = $2,997 + 20% of any items purchased for staging


  • Prices above are for ONE DAY of staging. Additional days for any size square foot is $497 per day.
  • Items rented for staging are charged on a per month basis. If it goes past 30 days, then the next month will be billed to you. No additional fees charged by myself.


If your home does not sell 10% faster than the average days in the neighborhood, you receive a FULL REFUND of any service fees I charge.

Purchased and rented items will still be charged as that is from a 3rd party.

But, you receive a full refund of my work. Meaning, I work for free if I don’t deliver results to you.

I can promise no stager is offering that.

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