“My House Needs So Much Work” — What to do

You’re not alone.

Keeping up with a house is a ton of work…


…air conditioners.



…painting, carpeting, bugs,

The list goes on. And it’s expensive to maintain. Heck, it’s no wonder many millennials are opting to rent for the time being.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t afford to fix up your house…maybe your HOA is hounding your mailbox with letters.

When you see neighbors, you’re ducking into your car.

Every person that walks by your house has ‘judgy’ eyes.

There’s no reason to live with this stress…or even guilt. Again, houses are major money sucks.

But there’s a way to help yourself.

  1. Start with major repairs first: Mechanicals and protectives are the most important functioning pieces of a property. That means:
    1. Make sure your roof is in good condition: A few repairs to add years of life to your roof could be just a few hundred bucks. Insurance may even cover it.
    2. Replace old plumbing: Leaky pipes are one of the top ways to destroy a house. Water that gets into drywall, joists, etc. can rot the house away. Make sure the plumbing is tightened up.
    3. Get HVAC check 2X per year: Add years to your air conditioner and furnace life with 2X per year checkups. It’s only $200-$400 per year.

2. Do some minor work yourself. Grab a paint brush and add a fresh coat of paint. It could make a world of difference. Lay some new flooring. Repair the rotten fence boards. All these are simple and low cost ways to get your house back on its feet.

However, I understand it can be daunting and timely to do these types of things. Not to mention, they cost money.

Your best bet after these suggestions is to start over.

Starting over is the best way to motivate yourself, give yourself confidence again, and get a clean slate.

In that case, you could sell the house.

  1. Sell with a realtor: That will require showings, due diligence, disclosures and all the headaches that comes with the territory including paying commissions. Selling with a realtor delivers the most headaches, but also writes the biggest checks. I tell everyone that. But it’s stressful selling your house. That’s a truth I’ll share as well.

If you’d rather skip the headaches and not do any work on your house or pay for it to be done…you could also:

2. Sell to a home buying company: At Rocking Porch Homes, we purchase houses like yours in all cash, no repairs, no maintenance, fast closes, as-is, no showings or open houses. I’ll even help you move to your new place and start fresh. Click here to contact me and learn more.

Selling a house that needs a lot of work doesn’t have to be stressful or make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Houses are a lot of work, and it’s easy for maintenance to pile up. I have 3 kids. I know how fast houses can spiral out of control without you knowing what hit you.

Luckily, there are ways to get through it.

Maybe you need to slowly save up money to do minor repairs here or there…

Maybe you can take the fast route and sell to Rocking Porch Homes. All cash. No headaches.

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