“My parent’s house is falling apart” “They’re hoarders” What do you do?

You can’t watch them live like this anymore.

They were there for you in the beginning…

And you can’t let their self-esteem, their pride, their life fall apart in front of you…and no other place is that more evident than when you see their house falling apart.

Or, worse, they’re hoarders.

Now, I’m not a doctor. I’ve only heard that hoarding is a mental illness (as I know people myself who are hoarders by nature).

That can also manifest in a house that begins seeing neglect.

…holes in wall

…dirt everywhere

…doors, cabinets falling off

…air conditioner hasn’t worked in years

…dog and cat feces/urine smell all over

…rot on decks, basements, etc

These are all signs something is going on.

First, you’re commended for taking notice and wanting to do something. It means you’re a good daughter/son.

The problem is, what do you do?

I’ve tried talking to them about it and it does nothing.

This is pretty normal. After all, they live in the house. “It’s my business” , they’ll say. Trying to tell them that they’re in the wrong is not the best approach nor will it likely work.

Have they seen a doctor for any mental or brain issues?

The older your folks get, the more stubborn they get, right? If you can get them to see a doctor, they may respect a 3rd party’s opinion over their child’s. That’s normal, it’s not you. But a doctor should be a first step.

Help them clean up and repair the house

This is a good way to keep an eye on them, bond with them, while also providing them with a healthy place to live. Living in a hoarder house can lead to bugs, pests and other disease exposure. House neglect can lead to mold, the house coming apart, plus more permanent damage to a house which makes it become a teardown.

You DO NOT want a house to become a teardown as they will eventually receive next to nothing for the property.

Sell the house FAST and find them a new place to live

You could try and list the house with a realtor, but that could lead to a few problems.

  1. 93% of homebuyers are people who want to live in the house. They expect a house in a certain condition that is livable, safe, and healthy. In this case, your parent’s house may not be in this condition.
  2. Many realtors may want you to do some repairs first. This could lead to arguments, high bills, being ripped off by contractors, and work done ‘not up to code with the county.’ Realtors will also want a 6% fee, plus your buyers might want repairs done, or could ask for exhorbitant amount of credits at closing.
  3. You can’t choose when you close. If it takes too long to find a new home for your parents, buyers won’t like that.
  4. Your parents may not want others to see their house. No one likes to show an unkept house. Would you? Don’t put them through the emotional toll that takes.

Your final option is to sell to someone like me. A home-buying company that will buy your parent’s house in any condition, no repairs, no showings, as-is, and can close when you need to.

If you need time to find a nursing home, etc., we can give you that time and close with cash in the timeframe you need.

If you’re interested to hear more, go over to the contact page and put in your information.

I can send you an offer in the next 24 hours.

Go here —> https://www.rocking-porch.com/contact-us/

Talk to you soon,

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