“No one wants to buy my house”…what do I do now?

You hired a professional cleaner…

You moved stuff into storage…

Your realtor put an ‘open house’ sign in your yard.

You’re stressed because you just want your house sold…

And no one shows up.


No showings. No one seems to want your house.

What’s the deal?

Well, let me show you some ways to get your house sold.

Start with the most obvious…

Ever heard the saying “everything is for sale, just depends on the price?”

I butchered that…but you get it.

‘Want this ugly necklace’…’Want this ugly watch?’

“No, of course not.”

“It’s only $0.10.”

“I’ll take it.”

I’ve sold many houses. Everytime…without fail…that you put that ‘for sale’ sign in the yard, there’s a sinking feeling. “No one is going to want to buy my house.”

It may be the look of it…the style…the kitchen is too small…not updated…too many repairs to do…

Or, maybe it’s the location, the schools…things you can’t control. Your neighbor has major repairs to do and it’s an eyesore from the street…scaring every legit buyer away.

These concerns are real. And you’re not alone.

But let me first put you at ease…

First…someone will buy your house.

Second…you never have to feel ‘stuck’ with a house…as there’s always a solution.

(it might not always be the most ideal solution…but there is).

Let’s go through a couple points. What do you do if no one wants to buy your house.

I listed my house with a realtor. They said my house would sell…it didn’t.”

This happens far more than you think.

Here are some major sticky points…

  1. Your realtor may have ‘misjudged’ how much you could get for your house. This is pretty common. We’re in a hot market here in North Atlanta, Georgia, realtors are getting bold with their asking prices. I’ve seen houses in $150,000. neighborhoods with a house trying to fetch $230,000. Shoot for the freakin’ moon, right? Well, houses that sit on the market a long time is usually a bad sign. You know the feel.
  2. Your realtor didn’t alert you of what repairs might be needed. Things like roofs, furnaces, windows, electrical…big ticket items left unfixed can scare off lots of buyers. Why? They don’t want to pay for it! Roofs can cost $10,000+ in Woodstock or Marietta. Do you want your first purchase as a new homeowner to be a $10,000 boring roof? Heck no!
  3. Pictures are terrible. Staging may be off as well. Cram too much stuff in your basement and buyers think ‘this place has no storage.’ Now, it’s up to the realtor to get you good pictures. If they don’t, they’re not a good realtor. Lazy. The worst kind. Get new pictures.
  4. Too much clutter. Cluttered houses turn off buyers. Get as much stuff out as you can. Throw it away. Store in garage. It takes some sweat, but it’s necessary.
  5. Wrong listing information: Is the square footage listed incorrectly? Does your listing say vinyl siding when it is fiber cement (or worse, brick)? Do you have HOA fees listed as $500 per month ! vs. per year. All these little things can add up to the pushing away your buyers.

Fix those, and you’ll be on your way to selling your little home.

If all else fails…

Lower your price.

Lowering your price enough will eventually bring a buyer.

That doesn’t mean to shortchange yourself…however, sometimes peace of mind, comfort, and less stress is worth more than squeezing every penny of profit out of your house.

At Rocking Porch Homes…I’ll be honest. You’ll not receive a full retail price offer from us. No one can offer that except for listing with an agent on the MLS.

That’s a fact and don’t let anyone (especially iBuyers like Zillow, Opendoor, Mark Spain and others) tell you otherwise.

If you’re interested in an easier way to sell your house…send me a message. There’s no obligation and no high-pressure sales. Click here to put in your address and let me know about your house.

Happy to share with you the best route.

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